Physical properties of polyester fibers

1the microscopic shape of the fibers: polyester fibers have a soft surface without wrinkle.

2special weight of the fibers: special weight of the fibers is about 1/38

3-lenghth and caliber of the fibers: length and caliber of the fibers can be determined according to the kind of usage.

4-durability of the polyester fibers: polyester fibers have a good durability. Durability of the short fibers is about 3/4 to 4 deniers.

5-property of being anti-wrinkle: polyester fibers have a great resistance against wrinkling and this is due to having a good elasticity.

6-the effect of heat on the fibers: polyester fibers show a considerable resistance against heat and melt in 250 centigrade degree.

7-absorbing of the moistness of the fibers: moistness absorbing of the fibers is minimal and at most 0/4% in standard situations.

8-elasticity of the fibers: elasticity of the polyester fibers is good and as a result, clothes which are produced from polyester won’t wrinkle and maintain its shape.

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