Raw materials

Petrochemical chips in TG-SB-AM grids:

Resources: TODGOYAN petrochemical _ poly acryl petrochemical and…and imported granola from Korea, China and India

:_Recycled pet

Resources: interior market, Iraq, Afghanistan, Littoral zone countries of the Caspian Sea

_Clod and waste chips

Resources: petrochemical companies a waste of Cotton Type Company

Master batch: dyestuff including pigments in order to produce colored production. Resources: interior, exterior (Saudi Arabia)

_Silicon oil: subsidiary substance for siliconized solid fibers which presents a soft and flexible product. Resources: interior, exterior (Korea)

_Cationic softener and anti- static: to soften and untangle the fibers quality of anti- electricity

Resources: interior, exterior, (Korea)

_Optical bleach: to degrease and de-stain the fibers. Resources: interior, exterior (Korea, Germany and America)

_Mineral pigment: subsidiary substance for making the fibers shiny and white. Resources: interior, exterior (Korea, Germany and America)