Currently, this company presents the variety of polyester fibers or a mixture of them in color, denier, and customer desirable features from perfectly new or recycled material or a to the market.

_batting industry, hot-fill process and nonwovens for producing variety of batting sheets and nonwovens

_carpet, moquette and floor covering industry

_automotive industry

_house decorating, interior designing and furniture

_bituminous waterproofing industry

_construction and geotextile industry

_industrial production and doll making industry

Production grading list

Consumed materials

Name of the grid

PET recycle (color tend to bisque)

Re p

PET recycle+mineral
(blur white color) in 1 to 3 grids 


PET recycle+petrochemical substance
(white color) in 1 to 3 grids


first grade petrochemical substance
(white color) in grades 1 to 3           

A grade