Shayan Fiber Company is the producer of polyester fibers in deniers of (6 to 7) and lengths of (25 to 125) in different colors. The production from recycling and virgin petrochemical with daily capacity of 40 tons is produced for interior and exterior usage.


About us

The company has begun to get the required licenses for creating the company in Bu Ali industrial state in DELIJAN city located in MARKAZI state in 1389. The required observation in order to choose the product line of this company was done with cooperation of a number of university and industrial experts in loom and production of artificial fibers in …

شرکت الیاف شایان دلیجان


Currently, this company presents the variety of polyester fibers or a mixture of them in color, denier, and customer desirable features from perfectly new or recycled material or a to the market. _batting industry, hot-fill process and nonwovens for producing variety of batting sheets and nonwovens _carpet, moquette and floor covering industry _automotive industry _house decorating, interior designing and furniture …



_membership in Association of Iran Textile Industries _membership in Association of Iran Production and Clothing of Textile industries _ISO    9001:2008 certificate from ICERTI standard institute of Britain _ISO   14001:2004 certificate from ICERTI standard institute of Britain _OHSAS   18001: 2007 from ICERTI standard institute of Britain _ISO   10002: 2004 certificate from LL-standard institute of Britain

The policy of the company

SHAYAN fiber company offers its production by using update technology and leaning on efficient, capable and expert human resources and considering valid universal standards according to customer’s requirement and desired quality and this only would be achievable by sympathy and cooperation of all of the colleagues in an appropriate field which is leading to quality management system of the field …


_recognition of foreign markets and exporting the production _applying update knowledge and new procedure of production _Continuous communication with the customers in order to improve the quality and producing productions according to the customer requirements and competitiveness with foreign productions.

Raw materials

Petrochemical chips in TG-SB-AM grids: Resources: TODGOYAN petrochemical _ poly acryl petrochemical and…and imported granola from Korea, China and India :_Recycled pet Resources: interior market, Iraq, Afghanistan, Littoral zone countries of the Caspian Sea _Clod and waste chips Resources: petrochemical companies a waste of Cotton Type Company Master batch: dyestuff including pigments in order to produce colored production. Resources: interior, …

Chemical features of the polyester

Polyester is crystal shape due to its chemical structure. Because of the absence of the active elements in its polymer and minimal absorbing of the moistness it has a good resistance against most of the chemicals. _the effect of the alkaline: Diluted alkaline won’t effect on polyester fibers and hot and strong alkaline won’t harm them. _the effect of the …

Technical specifications

Technical specifications   Feature unit size Delicacy denier 6 to 17 Staple length millimeter 25 to 125 Consistency Gram on denier 2.5 to 4.5 Rise of length of rupture percent٪ 40 to 100 Modulus percent٪ 0.5 to 2.5 wave number Number in Centimeter 2 to 4 Accumulation percent٪ 2 to 5 Oil assimilation percent٪ 0.1 to 1 Packing baling 200 kilogram Color Different colors according to master batch